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Aquafy July

Are you ready? Aquify July is here! This months challenge is designed to make you pay more attention to what you are putting into your body by focusing mainly on the liquids you consume.  Can you go 31 days without energy drinks, sports drinks,  soda, coffee, or store bought juices? This challenge will push you to your limits and hopefully inspire you to become more creative with your liquid consumption. The goal is to eliminate for one month  any type of alcohol, in addition to caffeine and sugar. What are considered acceptable sweeteners? Honey, and if you can squeeze it yourself sugar cane.. This may be tough but I think together we can get it done. Adding yogurt or milk to smoothies is also acceptable.

The prize this month is a free natural smoothie cookbook…

All you need to do is post a picture of your smoothies, juices, teas, or infused waters with the hashtag of Aquafy July for your chance to win. Adding ingredients always helps so we all can try. Good luck #Aquafy July “Go Natural”


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