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Run Over October

Jogging is one of the best exercises for improving cardiovascular fitness. Strengthening the heart through exercise means your lungs, veins and capillaries deliver oxygen and nutrition more efficiently to your body. A good indicator of your heart health is pulse rate. A lower resting pulse rate benefits your heart because the only time your heart rests is during the interval between beats. The fewer beats, the longer the rest between them. Your pulse rate drops after just a few days of jogging for 30 minutes or more; it will continue to come down as you continue to run, get in better overall condition and strengthen your heart muscles.

High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is a major health risk.The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute advises you monitor your blood pressure and aim to keep it low because high blood pressure can contribute to stroke, heart attacks, even kidney disease. Following a regular exercise program, such as jogging, is an effective way to manage high blood pressure. Hitting the road three and six times per week will significantly lower your blood pressure in just two weeks. The catch, however, is that your pressure will spike again if you stop jogging, so it’s advisable to make it an ongoing part of your health routine.

Mental and Social Benefits
Euphoria, friendship, happiness and increased confidence from an improved body image are also benefits of jogging. You may start noticing these improvements almost immediately. Jogging has long been used as a treatment for depression.

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